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DaVinci Career Coaching

There are several creative and satisfying ways for Da Vinci types to design the ideal career and work/life balance.

  • The Sistine Ceiling Method TM (combining all your talents under one career “roof”)
  • The Stanza Method TM (fully realized projects or careers, sequential over time)
  • The Foreground & Background Method TM (One talent is prime, with the others on the “back burner”)
  • The Artist’s Palette Method TM (a harmonious assortment of distinct activities, mini- jobs or small businesses that make up a satisfying and profitable whole)

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Among the things we’ll cover in coaching:

  • Evaluating your true talents
  • Getting clear on passions & priorities
  • Balancing your work,  your creative projects and the rest of your life
  • Brainstorming ideal careers and ways to make money using your gifts

I offer online scheduling using HourTown

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