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Are too many talents, skills and ideas costing you money ...and your sanity?

>Are you an entrepreneur or creative pro with many talents and not enough time?
>Do you often struggle to decide among equally attractive options, directions & ideas?
> Are your most cherised goals and creative projects always on the back-burner?

You\'re not alone. I can help you tap your amazing potential for spectacular results.
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3. What is your number one challengein this area?

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About the Da Vinci Dilemma TM

February 20, 2009

Your DaVinci Life Coach

Your DaVinci Life Coach

The Da Vinci Dilemma TM is a phenomenon that happens to a small group of very creative, multi-talented people. Most people are good at something. Da Vincis are good at everything. And therein lies the dilemma, because having so many talents makes it very hard to choose.

Hard to focus.

Hard to get anything done on any one goal.

Hard to know why you are here and what your life purpose really is.

And hard to feel you’re accomplishing anything that matters, no matter how much you do.

Even when, to the outside world, DaVincis appear very successful, they often feel like failures.¬† Even Leonardo beat himself up. He called his work “an affront to God and to man”, when he didn’t measure up to his own standards.

I get it, because I’ve lived it. As a screenwriter, painter, inventor, musician, cartoonist, author and advertising creative director(among other things!) I’ve dealt with these struggles, self-defeating behaviors and balancing acts all my life, and I’ve discovered some powerful solutions. Now as a certified Life Purpose Coach and Da Vinci Dilemma Coach, I want to help you find the answers that will let you lead a more fulfilling, productive and joyful life that celebrates all your talents.

How would that feel? Better than stress, frustration, overwhelm and beating yourself up? I thought so.

Contact me for a free 30-minute session.

Whether you are seeking better life balance, looking to revamp your career or reinvent it, or wondering how you can use your creative gifts to create more value for yourself and others, let me help you create the space, time¬† and strategies to be your very best…at all you do so well.

Look for the book, The Da Vinci Dilemma TM – Solutions for Multi-Talented People, due out later this year.